10 Games Like Highschool Romance for Nintendo 3DS

Highschool Romance was a single-player Anime-styled visual novel video game set in a high school where the player would strive to find true love as the only guy in a school for girls.

It has many outcomes based on the player’s choices during the narrative. Highschool Romance is the finest dating sim 3ds, with a captivating plot, exciting playability, and flawless visuals, but can anyone match it?

1. Cinders

Cinder is a visual adventure inspired by the Cinderella narrative.

The game has four different endings and allows the player to read the tale and decide or pick options at critical stages to alter the story’s finale.

The game’s plot revolves around balancing goals and freedom with harsh realities.

2. Always Remember Me

Amy, a protagonist in the simulator, used to date Aaron before he received severe traumas in a car crash that erased all of his memories. Your goal is to support Aaron in recalling events from his past so that you may both return to where you were initially.

There are nine different game endings, several options to be chosen, excellent graphic elements, soundtracks, a well-written plot, and an entertaining game-play.

3. The Stanley Parable

The game portrays Stanley, an office clerk whose job is pushing keyboard keys in response to what he observes on his workplace computer monitor. When the screen goes blank one day, Stanley decides to inspect the building, unsure what to do.

There are 19 different endings to the game, depending on how the player explores his area.

4. Love and Order

The game brings players to Montreal, where you work as a receptionist in the Crown Attorney’s Office as Dana Larose. Your mission is to devote 100% of your commitment and dedication to your everyday responsibilities while developing your social and romantic lives.

5. High School Story

The game allows you to play out your high school dreams by hosting massive gatherings, having relationships, and meeting many new mates. You can mingle or socialize with individuals from diverse groups in the game.

You may communicate on a wide scale with individuals who share your beliefs and even have some competitors.

6. Surviving High School

The game takes place in Centerscore High School, and it has a cast of well-known student personalities. Players take control of a variety of distinct student protagonists. They are given the choice of making two or three options that may or may not affect the finale of each original narrative.

7. Episode

The game features romance, melodrama, and glamour elements and allows you to choose a personality, decide a route, and enter the game world. Thousands of stories are available to read, and you can even write your own and discuss them with others.

Explore the universe, meet attractive men, go on dates, and attend parties.

8. Brooktown High

The game’s primary goal is to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend with whom you may go on dates in various locations. You can communicate with other gamers, swap numbers, send texts, and earn money by playing mini-games.

9. High School Life

The game is set in a fantasy universe and allows you to live a second life and attend high school.

You may meet friends, communicate with attractive males, and mingle with your boyfriends at parties. The ultimate goal of this 3ds RPG with romance is to become cool to find love.

10. Dear Diary

The plot centers around Anna, a female character who needs your assistance in determining her fate. Throughout the game, you’ll meet a girl finding her way through high school, and you’ll have to help her make difficult decisions. Every choice you make in the narrative will directly impact the protagonist’s destiny.

Regardless of our age, simulation games always set us on the journey to discovering and achieving new experiences.

The ds games with romance inspire individuals to play together, collaborate in teams to accomplish a shared goal, or compete against one another. This is beneficial for good communication as well as relationship improvement.

And to help you enjoy it more, choose one of the 3ds games with romance options mentioned above.